Turbo Kit

Installing A Turbo Kit To Power Up Your Ride

Installing a Turbo Kit is one of the ways to boost you car engine’s output. Kits are made of exhaust-driven turbines that force air into the engine. This air is combined with fuel and this concoction is ignited to create more power. When the driver steps into the accelerator, the Turbo Kit generates a greater amount of air to be drawn in.

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Fuel Efficiency

How To Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

New car models are surely superior in terms of Fuel Efficiency, but this does not mean that you cannot maximise the potential of fuel with your old car. Below are just some of the many ways to do this, from doing simple lifestyle tweaks to sending the car to maintenance treatments.

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Car Suspension System

The Detection And Solution Of Car Suspension System Problems

Car owners have several responsibilities to their vehicles. Owning an automobile does not revolve simply on cleaning and fuelling-up every day. Regular check-up of the different parts of the vehicle including the Car Suspension System is also essential. Because doing such does not only aid in the detection of problems but it also decreases the chances of causing untoward road accidents.

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Brake System

The Vehicular Brake System

As you are cruising along the streets of Singapore, you see a pedestrian who is about to cross, what is your initial response? Isn’t it to hit the brakes of the vehicle that you’re driving? Have you ever wondered how it functions? If yes, then the following pieces of information will be of great interest for you.

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