Fuel Savings

Your Options For Fuel Savings

With today’s fuel prices reaching sky-high rates, it is not surprising that more and more people are seeking out ways to increase Fuel Savings by enhancing their cars’ overall fuel efficiency. And thankfully, there are numerous options that are just ready for the taking when it comes to saving up on the cost of fuel. Here are a few of the most efficient examples.

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Stabilizer Bar

Understanding Your Car’s Components: The Stabilizer Bar

Gravity and inertia are two forces that govern almost everything in the world we live in. Even the cars that we drive are not exceptions to the all-encompassing power of these two massive and invisible forces. It is for this reason that our vehicles are equipped with various components which enable them to counteract these forces of nature as we negotiate the tricky dips and bends that one often encounters on the road. The Stabilizer Bar is one of these components.

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Forced Induction

Adding Forced Induction Into Your Car

Car enthusiasts do not run out of ways to improve the look and function of their vehicles. They enhance the engine, add multimedia and security devices, lower the body, and so on. In terms of improving vehicle speed and fuel mileage, one of the most important upgrades is installing a Forced Induction system.

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Boost Controller

Car Boost Controller Buying Guide

If you’re exploring options to enhance your car, you will surely hear recommendations on buying a Boost Controller. The function of this device is plain and simple: it controls the boost of your engine. It limits the air pressure generated in the engine’s intake manifold and waste gate actuator. Well, don’t worry if you don’t understand these car terms. What you should note at least is that it functions the way it sounds.

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Air Intake

Understanding Air Intake System And How It Works

It’s a regrettable fact that there are a lot of drivers and car owners who don’t have any idea why Air Intake is important for their vehicle. The first intake system was launched back in the 80s. Plastic-type intake tubes were shaped to create the device. There was also a gauze-made filter crafted from cotton and formed like a cone. Approximately ten years afterwards, producers from different parts of the globe began to import the device’s systems which were primarily developed by the Japanese.

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Boost Your Engine With Supercharge Turbocharger

If you appreciate fast moving cars, it’s likely you’ll love Turbocharger. This unit boosts air pressure in the intake manifold, which in turn, enhances the mixture of air and fuel getting into the combustion compartments of the vehicle to increase power. Then again, to make this happen, motors built with a turbo system need lessen compression proportions and a number of other adjustments required to endure the unit’s production power.

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