Forced Induction Racing

Understanding Forced Induction Racing

Forced induction is the means of delivering compressed air to the internal combustion engine. The process is executed by a forced induction engine which makes use of a gas compressor to build pressure, air and temperature inside the engine. Otherwise, the engine would be a naturally aspirated engine.

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Car Electronics

The Benefits Of Getting Car Electronics

Car Electronics Benefits

Cars are more than just a means of transportation. For a lot of people, it’s an investment and a way of life. It’s crucial to maintain our car and make sure every part is in its top form, but it is also imperative that it is equipped with gadgets and electronic devices that make our life on the road a little more enjoyable. With the heavy traffic we encounter everyday, it is understandable that want to spend our time on the road being comfortable and entertained. The solution is to get state-of-the-art Car Electronics.

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Electronic Products

A Utopian Society With Electronic Products

Of course it all boils down to the discovery of fire. There’s no denying that this kicked off all future inventions by man, such as the invention of the wheel, the steam engine and much later, electricity. But there’s also much to be said about man’s transition from cave dweller warming his hands over a bonfire to lounging on the couch listening to the sounds of a crackling fake fire in his fireplace, the chimney of which is just actually decoration. One of these things that could and perhaps should be said is that we’re living in one of the best times to be alive.

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Car Braking System

How A Car Braking System Works

Car Braking System Explained

Your vehicle might be turbocharged and can outrun most vehicles in your neighbourhood, but can it stop at the very moment you need it to? A sound Car Braking System can help motorists dodge fatal accidents, while a faulty one can lead to road collisions. Indeed, the brake system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. No driver can afford to let their vehicle’s brake system run defectively. Hence, regular maintenance is a must for brake systems.

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Understanding What A Coilover Is

Coilovers are a type of suspension device used for automobiles. If you tinker with your retractable ballpen, you would find a kind of spring mechanism inside, and that’s essentially what Coilovers are to cars. Coilover is actually short for “coil spring over strut” which in general, prevents road accidents, and shocks from driving too fast. Once limited to race vehicles, Coilovers have become an essential part of the modern automobile engine system.

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ECU Reflash

Benefits Of ECU Reflash

ECU Reflash Meaning

More than just the physical looks, a car’s true value lies in its performance. Many car enthusiasts know that their vehicle’s driving performance is the ultimate test that they must pass. And with all the modifications they have applied to their vehicles, car owners, especially those who own newer models, reflash their car’s ECU to boost its performance. But what exactly is an ECU Reflash?

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Car Servicing Package

Benefits Of A Car Servicing Package

Car Servicing Package Inclusion

Every car owner knows that it is crucial for their vehicles to get checked by professional mechanics regularly. Even though their cars don’t need any immediate repair or parts replacement, they still have them checked for preventive maintenance. And in the event their cars need repair, it is highly suggested that they take their cars to a mechanic or someone skilled and qualified to repair cars to ensure the quality of work. A basic Car Servicing Package normally includes car brakes, the battery, engine oil and filter change, tyre pressures, fluid levels, and body maintenance.

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Engine Monitoring Systems

Understanding Engine Monitoring Systems

The vehicles of today are far from what they used to be. Compared to the purely mechanical, and sometimes manually driven systems of yesteryears, the modern day automobile is now equipped with a wide array of high-tech computer powered components that control everything from the engine’s air and fuel ratio, to the amount of torsion in the suspension systems.

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