Boost Controller

Car Boost Controller Buying Guide

If you’re exploring options to enhance your car, you will surely hear recommendations on buying a Boost Controller. The function of this device is plain and simple: it controls the boost of your engine. It limits the air pressure generated in the engine’s intake manifold and waste gate actuator. Well, don’t worry if you don’t understand these car terms. What you should note at least is that it functions the way it sounds.

Boost Controller Shopping

To save yourself from trouble, consult with a car technician and find out about control options for your car. You have to learn what goes on in different engine parts and add-ons such as wastegates, restrictors, springs, spark plugs, injectors, and whatnot, and only an expert technician can best demonstrate the nature of boost controls.

Remember that boost levels differ in terms of maker, model, and year, and that choosing a device involves knowing the limitations of your car. Purchasing a random controller that is not compatible with your engine will just be a waste of money.

Controllers can either be manual or electronic. Manual models make use of simple mechanisms that allow pressure to escape and create extra boost. Electronic models do the same except that they are engineered with solenoids and motors powered by an electric control unit.

Logically, manual models are easier to install since the process involves just a few tweaks that can be done in less than an hour. Installing electronic controllers is a bit complicated and requires a person with deeper technical know-how.

Boost Controller Upgrade Caution

Adding a Boost Controller to a car that is already in shape entails some risks. The device may push the engine to the limits, cause wear and tear, and consequently shorten the engine’s life. Doing boost modifications may also negatively affect the performance of the car. It may not be tolerated by recent car models with advanced engine management systems.

Processes like fuel pumping and ignition timing may also suffer. In these times when the web actively encourages car owners to keep on improving their rides, the opinion of a personal car technician has become crucial more than ever.

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