Car Braking System

How A Car Braking System Works

Car Braking System Explained

Your vehicle might be turbocharged and can outrun most vehicles in your neighbourhood, but can it stop at the very moment you need it to? A sound Car Braking System can help motorists dodge fatal accidents, while a faulty one can lead to road collisions. Indeed, the brake system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. No driver can afford to let their vehicle’s brake system run defectively. Hence, regular maintenance is a must for brake systems.

In order to maintain the braking system, one must first know how the brakes work. Brakes are more than just a foot pedal or a hand lever. There are different parts of the brake system that car owners need to maintain. Brakes include the brake pedal, which is the pedal that is pushed by foot to stop the car. And unlike the cars of yesterday when the driver needed to exert a lot of pressure onto the pedal to get the brakes to work, today’s cars have power brakes that have a booster between the pedal and the master cylinder.

When the pedal is pressed, force is transferred to the master cylinder, which is the storage reservoir for the brake fluid. The master cylinder will then push the brake fluid out into the brake lines, causing the car to stop.

Most cars nowadays also have disk brakes on their wheels, unlike older cars that have drum brakes on their rear wheels. Disc brakes apply pressure on the callipers to the brake pads against the discs to stop the car. As for the drum brakes, the hydraulic pressure is applied to the sides of a rotating drum called a brake drum.

Maintenance Of The Car Braking System

Drivers don’t usually have their brake system repaired or replaced unless they hear a grinding sound when they push the brake pedal. They have their brakes inspected when they need to exert more pressure than usual to the brake pedal to stop their car. But if they wait for such indications, their brake system may already have acquired more problems.

To prevent further damages and serious accidents, it is crucial to have the Car Braking System inspected at least twice a year. This will also point out the parts that are prone to wear and tear and need replacement. Changing the brake fluid every year can also prevent internal rust and corrosion damage to the brakes.

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