Understanding What A Coilover Is

Coilovers are a type of suspension device used for automobiles. If you tinker with your retractable ballpen, you would find a kind of spring mechanism inside, and that’s essentially what Coilovers are to cars. Coilover is actually short for “coil spring over strut” which in general, prevents road accidents, and shocks from driving too fast. Once limited to race vehicles, Coilovers have become an essential part of the modern automobile engine system.

Coilover Components

Coilovers are composed of a shock absorber and a coiled spring wrapped around them. These two parts are assembled as a whole even before installation, and should be replaced as a whole as well even if only one part was damaged. This allows efficient oscillation without torsional load (a type of force produced when one end of an object is clamped while the other end is being twisted). The stiffness of Coilovers can be adjusted using a type of nut or spring perch. Adjustment knobs are present, however, in modern Coilover systems which make use of threaded shock bodies.

Two kinds of Coilovers exist in the market: the full and slip on Coilovers. The full Coilovers are made with a shock absorber straight from the factory, while the slip ons are largely made with adjustable springs.

Coilovers are essentially a part of what’s called the MacPherson strut suspension system. This type of car suspension system utilise an oscillator as a steering pivot (forming a wishbone).

Coilover For Your Electronic Needs

Coilovers differ tremendously from shock absorbers and spring units as it is a totally independent component of the automobile. Coilovers are a compound whole and do not need spring cushions and other types of extraneous parts. Coilovers can be bought from retail outlets both offline and online. They are available at any time of the year and while generally more expensive, Coilovers are very efficient and comfortable to install as compared to previous spring or strut versions.

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