Forced Induction

Adding Forced Induction Into Your Car

Car enthusiasts do not run out of ways to improve the look and function of their vehicles. They enhance the engine, add multimedia and security devices, lower the body, and so on. In terms of improving vehicle speed and fuel mileage, one of the most important upgrades is installing a Forced Induction system.

Forced Induction Benefits

An induction system, in a nutshell, absorbs air and forces it into the engine. Air is important because it is the source of engine power. It is used to burn more fuel, and more fuel in turn gives better speed, acceleration, and engine response.

In a typical car, the engine is designed with vacuum mechanisms that lodge air into the intake manifold. By installing an induction system, the car gets an extra compressor that sucks a great deal of air and forces it into the engine to burn more fuel and generate higher horsepower.

It is important to note however that induction systems are not for old cars. Such systems generate a strong force which might be too overpowering for engines that already developed a lot of wear and tear. For induction systems to perform at their best, the car’s engine must be overhauled and installed with new and durable pistons, bearings, valves, valve springs, and many other parts.

Purchasing Forced Induction Systems

Selecting the right induction for your car is done best with the help of a car technician. Note that the type of system to be installed depends on the car engine’s conditions and the car owner’s objectives.

Basically, a good system is engineered with temperature shields that disperse the heat and protect the engine and other parts from heat stress. A good system also has very reliable software that accurately performs and integrates measurements, calibrations, and fuel maps.

Car technicians charge induction system services differently, so it would be helpful to gather several quotes before choosing a car workshop. Do not hesitate to make phone and personal inquiries as car upgrades like Forced Induction are very costly.

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