Forced Induction Racing

Understanding Forced Induction Racing

Forced induction is the means of delivering compressed air to the internal combustion engine. The process is executed by a forced induction engine which makes use of a gas compressor to build pressure, air and temperature inside the engine. Otherwise, the engine would be a naturally aspirated engine.

Forced Induction Racing Background

Forced induction is primarily used in the car and airline industries as these industries make use of engine that require more power and performance. The engine used primarily for forced induction purposes is made up of two series of compressors. These two are turbochargers and superchargers. A turbocharger makes use of centrifugal force to move exhaust gasses while superchargers are powered by the engine’s belt drive.

Forced induction engines work when the compressed air created by the engine’s main compressor combines with the compressed air created by another compressor and go into the engine’s intake. The pressure doubles, as a result, increasing greatly. This is called a boost and is particularly useful for airplane engines.

Engines that require higher compression can take advantage of forced induction to maximise the conversion of fuel into energy. Forced induction-specific engines have a higher compression threshold and is not prone to detonation. This is because the air inside the compressor is cooled with an intercooler.

Emissions from the forced induction process are composed of nitrogen and oxygen, which elicit a great deal of concern from some environmental groups. This is why the government has created initiatives to regulate such emissions.

Factors That Affect Forced Induction Racing

Other factors also enhance an engine’s boost levels. The design of the gasoline engine and compression capacity both contribute to the maximum boost. If the engine would be used for racing, forced induction can be created through a parts upgrade. Engine components such as the pump, pistons, crankshafts, valves, bolts and gasket have to be substituted with ones that are meant for racing. Another thing that affects the forced induction is the fuel’s octane rating as well as the engine’s inclination to detonation.

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