Lowering springs

The Low Down On Lowering springs

When it comes to vehicle modifications, Lowering springs are among the most popular in the market. These car upgrades not only enhance the car’s outward appearance, it also provides a way to elevate handling performance as a whole. Having that sleek race car appearance, and not to mention, a much better grip, superb balance, and a smoother ride are often the main reasons why people opt to go for this vehicle modification.

Deciding To Go For Lowering springs Modification

Deciding to send your vehicle in for this upgrade is not like having a new paint job where you just slap on the new paint or part, and it’s all done, a certain amount of planning and choosing the most appropriate springs need to be done first.

First off, you have to find out if you vehicle can be lowered or not, and if it can be lowered, would it be practical? Because some cars already have a lowered stock design, and lowering them even further can do more harm than good.

Choosing Lowering springs

Now that you are fully committed for a lowering mod, the next step would be to choose an appropriate ride height, this determines the ground clearance of the entire vehicle. It is important to choose the right range of ride height that corresponds to your driving needs and the condition of the roads in your area.

This is to ensure that your car’s resultant ground clearance is enough to tackle the corresponding highway features such as humps, dips, and rough spots, without causing repeated damage on your car’s underbelly.

Once you have a solid idea on the ride height that you want, you’ll now want to look for Lowering springs that meet your requirements, and are appropriate for the model of your vehicle.

A good place to start would be to look for brands and manufactures that produce upgrade kits for your specific type of vehicle, check out their selection of springs and choose a model that fits your desired range of ride height and spring rate. And with that, you are now ready to install your new lowering mod.

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