LTA Approved Exhaust

What You Need To Know About LTA Approved Exhaust

Replacing your car’s exhaust if it’s broken or needs an upgrade isn’t something you can do right away. Being a responsible vehicle owner means understanding the do’s and don’ts of maintaining your car, especially the ones that are governed by state rules and regulations. This will not only save you from getting fined (worth SG $1,000) but also from having a suspended license, or worse, being sent to jail.

A vehicle’s exhaust system works by reducing the toxins and pollutants in the air. Gasoline doesn’t necessarily convert into a pleasant gas, which is why exhaust systems are installed in cars to not exactly clean them up but make them less toxic to humans and the environment. Exhaust systems also reduce the noise automobiles make. In Singapore, no motor vehicle is exempted from getting fitted with an exhaust system. Safety and emission standards also have to be met, otherwise, the owner of the vehicle would be served.

Exhaust systems replacements, which are also known as after-market exhaust systems, are not like the original ones installed by the manufacturer of the vehicle themselves. They may pose serious risks to the automobile’s function, performance and quality of emission.

LTA Approved Exhaust: Brands Allowed By The Government

There are only 12 after-market exhaust systems brands that are approved by the Singapore government. These include: Jetex-Fortex, Micron, Yoshimura, Remus, Oettinger, Heico, Supersprint, TTE, Novitec, Bosal, AC Schnitzer and MS Design.

Where To Go For LTA Approved Exhaust

Going to recognised dealers of car parts and exhausts is one thing, but getting the Land Transportation Authority of Singapore’s approval is another. Vehicle owners should be able to submit certifications from the product manufacturer that the replacement is fitting for the vehicle model as well as test reports from authorised laboratories that the after-market exhaust system replacement meets required standards. Make sure to seek the services of a reputable exhaust dealer that would ensure that you are complying with the LTA.

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