Strut Bar

Why Strut Bars Matter

A Strut Bar is a long metal bar that travels from one suspension strut to another. It ties them together to form a more rigid single unit. It is often found as standard equipment on higher-end vehicles. It is also called stabilizer bar, strut brace or strut tower brace.

The strut to bar of a car normally bends during hard cornering or when hitting a bump. This flexing can cause grip loss as well as jangles. With a strut tower brace there is increase in the rigidity of the tower to which the strut is bolted and to prevent loss of traction in hard cornering.

Benefits Of Strut Bar

Strut Bars evenly distribute the tension between the left and right struts of a car. They are anti-sway or anti-roll bars. Strut Bars stabilize the roll tension between left and right strut. Strut Bars matter a lot in the performance of a car. With a Strut Bar, the sway of a car is minimised when it turns. Weight is therefore distributed. As a result too, the tires remain solidly rooted on the road, providing better traction and handling.

Some vehicles tend to roll over easily than other cars. Cars with higher car sits have higher centres of gravity. A high-stepping car when turned at high-speed has more chances of rolling than a car which sits lower to the road. With the Strut Bar, the vehicle is kept upright by evenly distributing the roll force. You must know that without a stabilizer bar, a disproportionate amount of stress is placed on other components of the car including struts and suspension.

Installation Of A Strut Bar Gives A New Feel During Driving

The function of a strut brace is to reinforce and add rigidity to the chassis. There are many benefits to increased chassis rigidity and that is why car manufacturers strive for rigidity. Rigidity gives a solid feeling to the chassis, which adds quality to a vehicle. Increasing chassis rigidity imparts quicker and more responsive steering as a result of reduced chassis flex.

Installation of a suitable strut brace when a vehicle is new helps to maintain the mechanical quality of the vehicle over time. This also gives the driver a feeling that the car is still new even after miles and miles of driving.

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