Unveiling The Unichip

The Unichip is a fairly new term in the automotive world, but it has already been making waves and grabbing headlines because of its advertised advantages and the number of people who stand by its efficiency.

Advantages Of The Unichip

But before we go deeper, we must understand what this type of modern day vehicle technology really is all about. To state it in the simplest terms, this device is a computerised engine control system that enhances the performance of vehicle engines by adding certain features and fine-tuning the functions of the stock OEM (original equipment manufacturer) computers.

It is different from the standard chipping upgrades that simply changes the vehicle’s stock engine management chip with a new chip, or simply re-flashing a car’s OEM engine management system by way of the car’s OBD port (On Board Diagnostics port).

The Unichip is an external or piggy back engine control system that is a more sophisticated and efficient means of modifying engine performance, with fully customizable controls and a simple interface, so that the car owners can simply change the settings according to their preference.

In summary, this cutting-edge engine control unit takes a vehicle’s performance in terms of fuel consumption, power efficiency, and handling, to new heights.

History Of The Unichip

This ground-breaking engine management device was conceptualized by skilled electrical and automotive engineers who wanted a more streamlined way of performance tuning various engines. They came up with a single, highly efficient and compact device that was compatible with all types of vehicle engines and the various OEM computers that control them, hence the name, “Uni” chip.

The manufacturers of this fine piece of automotive technology have also turned their attention to creating simple plug and play systems that every car enthusiast with ample knowledge on fine-tuning vehicles, can easily install in their own garage. This allows people to do away with hefty fees being demanded by some professional mechanics, and give them the sense of satisfaction that only a do it yourself project can provide.

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