Unichip Q Singapore

An Overview Of Unichip Q Singapore

The Unichip has enjoyed global popularity for its breakthrough in tuning any type of vehicle, from ordinary sedans to Lamborghinis. As its creator Pieter de Weerdt puts it, “..the Unichip [is] a set of tailor-made clothes for an engine–in other words, to optimise rather than modify it.”

Main Features Of Unichip Q Singapore

The new Unichip Q, the 25th iteration of the Unichip, is widely recognised today as the world’s most advanced automated vehicle tuning system. More commonly referred to as a piggy back” computer, the Unichip is a fully automated software that fine-tunes vehicle engines to work in an optimised way. It works for any vehicle–from Fords to Isuzus to Nissans to Toyotas, as well as the pricier automobile brands in the market today, including a Porsche. The Unichip works well with petrol or diesel-engined systems around the world. The Unichip Q can also be used to drive extra fuel injectors, water infection, and water or methanol injection.

Advantages Of Unichip Q Singapore

The Unichip has been hailed because of its compatibility. The Unichip Q can fit, in its signature piggy-back style, to a car’s existing electronic fuel injection system. It transforms previously unmanageable Engine Management Systems to fully tuneable ones as a result.

The Unichip Q’s firmware is also updateable, which means it can easily adapt to new styles as they are released. Equipped with five map sets, the Unichip Q can accommodate five different maps as well. The Unichip brand has been known to not just optimise performance but also to help economise fuel for car owners.

Because it is also designed to work as a plug and play device, users can easily switch from their tuners to the Unichip regardless of the vehicle they’re using. The Unichip Q, to put it simply, allows users to experience the best of both worlds: have a top-of-the-line engine tuner that they can easily install by themselves, thereby doing away with hefty fees along the way.

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