Engine Exhaust System

Engine Exhaust System Confidence is a Must

Your Engine Exhaust System is nothing to play around with. LTA inspections can stop you dead in your tracks from taking your vehicle out on the road. That great deal on a second hand car may not seem so good, after discovering a hole in the muffler. There is no reason to second guess the shape of your exhaust system with a specialist in repair, right around the corner. Continue reading

Car Performance Tuning

Car Performance Tuning Creates a Better Ride

Getting your car tuned so it performs much better is not a simple chore to do. There’s a great need for specific knowledge as well having the proper tools at hand and knowing how to use them in order to perform a power tune-up. Additionally, knowledge of parts is important since only superior quality items should be used with your vehicle engine. Great knowledge, great parts and skill will surely go a long way toward getting the best results. Now, if you happen to be an excellent mechanic, then by all means, tackle this chore yourself. If not, rely upon a seasoned professional for your performance tuning. Continue reading

Best Car Servicing Singapore

Tips for Finding Best Car Servicing Singapore

Everyone owning and driving a vehicle in Singapore will eventually need to find someone who could make repairs if not service the vehicle in order to keep it running properly. However, finding the best car servicing Singapore may not be as easy as you think. Often, vehicle owners have no idea what is going along with their investment and really don’t know where to go to get it fixed. Continue reading

Exhaust System

Cause And Effect Of Car Exhaust Systems

An automobile’s Exhaust System is in charge of toting the used up exhaust or combustion gases from the engine and out of the tail pipe. Your vehicle’s exhaust unit is built to carry away gases generated when the engine used up blended fuel and air. This particular system is simply an extended tube connected to the engine and stretching to the backside of the automobile. There are specific elements which allow the system to operate effectively.

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Spark Plug

Taking Care Of Your Car’s Spark Plug

Spark Plugs are responsible to a car engine’s most critical function: starting up the vehicle. Car owners who want optimum engine performance should make sure that their Spark Plug delivers hot, powerful, and long sparks.

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Shock Absorber

The Truth About A  Car’s Shock Absorber

What is the most important part of a car? Is it the engine? The brakes? Or the shock absorber? In reality, there is not a single part of a vehicle that’s more important than the other, all these basic components of a car are equally vital in keeping the entire machine Continue reading

ECU Tuning

Modern Trends In Cars For More Powerful Performance

The modern age has brought about advancements in the performance of cars and vehicles. Today, cars are made more powerful and more reliable. Among these trends that adds boost to the optimum performance of vehicles is the so-called electronic control unit (ECU) tuning or chip tuning. The chip stores the software programmes or maps that control the way the engine is managed. Replacing or reprogramming the chip is an effective way to improve engine performance

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