Air Filter For Cars

Air Filter For Cars: Simplified

For those who are not that “car savvy” or knowledgeable about motor vehicle parts, an air filter for cars may be mistaken for a part of the car’s air conditioning system, and while an air-conditioning system may also have an air filter, that is a different part of the vehicle altogether.

The air filter for cars that is being tackled in this article, is actually the vehicle’s exhaust system, or the series of parts that process and release the fumes that are produced by fuel combustion.

How Does An Air Filter For Cars Work?

Most of the time, the only part of a vehicle’s air filter that is readily visible, is the tail pipe, or the metal tube at the back of the car where the smoke usually comes out. But a car’s air filter system is actually a complex series of components that wind through the underbellies of you vehicle.

Here is a brief summary of how the said parts accomplish their functions.

-It all begins in the combustion chamber of the car, where the fuel is ignited and produces gaseous by-products, these by-products then pass through the exhaust manifold that combines into the main body of the exhaust pipe.

-The gas then passes through the catalytic converter where the air filtration is done and some of the dangerous gases are converted into less harmful substances.

-Sound is also a by-product of fuel combustion, and it passes with the gases through the part of the air filter system called the muffler. As its name implies, the muffler serves to dampen the sound and silence the exhaust.

-Finally, the gas products pass through the last length of the exhaust pipe, and out through the tail pipe.

Maintaining An Air Filter For Cars

Much like all the other systems that keep you vehicle running, adhering to a strict maintenance practice with the air filter system is also very vital. Make sure that there are no holes or breakages along the exhaust pipes, and for health and safety issues, when changing out any part of the air filter system, see to it that all your replacements parts are LTA-compliant.

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