Auto Servicing

Auto Servicing

Car Care And Auto Servicing Tips For Brand-New Automobiles

That sleek new auto deserves a spin, yes, and as any good car owner and driver knows, it needs some regular spinning during its first few months. The break-in period, that time when your brand-new automobile takes its first 1,600 kilometers, is particularly crucial if you are to keep your ride for as long as you can. Caring for it and also knowing when it needs Auto Servicing will help you avoid any long-term problems.

Car Care Tip 1: Things To Remember Before Going For Auto Servicing

The most essential principle during the break-in period is to take things slowly and carefully. How? Avoid stuffing your vehicle’s roof rack with heavy materials. Avoid accelerating way too fast, or else going beyond medium acceleration so as not to wear your engine.

You should also avoid overspeeding! This isn’t just true during the break-in but in every single instance you are behind the wheel driving! Speed limits vary with each car, so it’s best to consult with your manufacturer regarding this.

Another important thing to remember: new cars need practise. Take yours for a spin regularly, not just because you need to get accustomed to its feel, but because your car system needs it more.

Car Care Tip 2: Know When To Call Auto Servicing

The longer you drive your car, the better you can gauge its performance. As a driver, you are expected to know basic troubleshooting, which will come in handy on the road in the absence of a professional.

However, you should also acquaint yourself with likely scenarios when your car breaks down. If you are unsure of its issues, and you are not confident about your troubleshooting skills either, it is best to consult an Auto Servicing center for professional help. This will help arm you with the right corrective approach to any issues that pose damage to your automobile and hopefully avoid them before anything serious happens. Consulting with professionals can also give you useful insight on how to take better care of your car and prolong its life.

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