Auto Shock Absorber

What Every Car Owner Should Know About Auto Shock Absorber

Any modern car is never complete without dampers, or as more popularly known as auto-shock absorbers. It is estimated that there are more than 100 million shock absorbers that are created and then distributed worldwide. Europe and the United Sates are known to be the major consumer of the said car part.

Purpose of Auto Shock Absorber

The ultimate purpose of shock absorbers is to reduce, possibly eliminate, accidents or safety problems. This car part accessory is especially designed with the passenger’s safety in mind. Because of this, shock absorbers are constantly being innovated and modified on top of being constantly produced.

How Does Shock Auto Shock Absorber Work?

Despite the name being shock absorbers, in reality, it does not really absorb shocks. What they really do is to dampen the vibration and oscillations when the car is moving. It is a good idea to keep in mind that shock absorbers do not have springs. Ultimately, shock absorbers are designed to ensure that the wheel and tire remain stable even if there is a sudden impact that might occur.

Normally, springs without shock absorbers move in excess as it tries to achieve balance. If this kind of system is left alone, then it is a matter of time that a fatal accident would occur.

Auto Shock Absorber Types

Standard Shocks – These kinds of shocks are sufficient for vehicles that do not do any heavy-duty activities. A personal vehicle is an example of this. Standard shocks absorbers are good on personal vehicles since these kinds of vehicles rarely undergo strenuous stress.

Heavy-duty Shocks – these kinds of shocks are designed to be use on vehicles that are constantly exposed to rough terrains. Also, this kind of shocks is a great addition to vehicles that constantly carry a lot of passengers or cargo.

Overload Shocks – this kind of shocks works great for vehicles that have suspension problems that are located on both rear and front systems. Vehicles with steering problems also works great with overload shocks.

Air Shocks – these kinds of shock absorbers are only used on vehicles that carry massive loads of cargo or passengers.

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