Car Modification

Car Modification: Updating An Outdated Vehicle

Vehicles have been around since the early 1700s. During that period, a car serves as a status symbol which can only be afforded by the people from the elite groups. But, because of the changing times, various car companies were launched and newer models were manufactured; this is to offer a wide array of choices for people coming from the different income brackets.

Nonetheless, no matter how many updated versions of an SUV, a sedan, or a convertible is released, there are individuals who prefer to stick with their automobiles and who’d rather let their vehicle undergo a modification process.

The History Of Car Modification

The earliest Car Modification was recorded way back in the early 1900s. However, at that time, the tunings were not merely for aesthetic purposes; it was also to improve the performance of the vehicle by upgrading internal components like the engine system, suspension, and gearboxes. The said alterations were vital for the aforementioned sport because the demand especially for speed increases.

Vehicle Parts And Their Respective Car Modification Options

Currently, there are several types of modifications that the various car parts can endure depending on its purpose. The following are some of the commonly modified vehicle parts.

Engine- tuning the engine is among the fundamental elements when modifying a car. Engine tuning can be done by expert mechanics even on stock motors; they simply have to adjust the values found on the engine control units or powertrain modules in order to increase the potential of the engine.

Suspension- in suspension tuning, the process often involves shortening the springs, stiffening the shock absorbers and the sway bars in order to improve the shifting and cornering abilities of the car.

Body- in body tuning or commonly known as styling, it is all about altering the external components of a vehicle. Sample modifications include the installation of engine covers and body kits.

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