ECU Tuning

Modern Trends In Cars For More Powerful Performance

The modern age has brought about advancements in the performance of cars and vehicles. Today, cars are made more powerful and more reliable. Among these trends that adds boost to the optimum performance of vehicles is the so-called electronic control unit (ECU) tuning or chip tuning. The chip stores the software programmes or maps that control the way the engine is managed. Replacing or reprogramming the chip is an effective way to improve engine performance

Chip tuning or ECU Tuning refers to changing or modifying an erasable, programmable, read-only memory chip in an automobile’s ECU to for superior vehicle performance. This process boosts the vehicle’s power, it ushers better emissions and encourages better fuel efficiency.

Beginnings Of ECU Tuning

Chip tuning is a method of boosting engine performance. Performance can mean more power, higher torque, better fuel economy, or reduced emissions. The word chipping is a bit outdated because removable EPROM chips are no longer used in the engine control units of new vehicles.

Nowadays, maps are built into the ECU and can be modified through an automobile’s On Board Diagnostic port, with no need to mess around with physical chips. This procedure is commonly referred to as engine or electronic control unit tuning. ECU Tuning is a recent addition to the modern trends in automobile performance boost. It first appeared in late 1970s. Soon, as technology advanced, developments in car electronics were also seen. At present, the electronic control unit in modern vehicles gives driver a full control of the car’s engine operation such as spark timing and fuel injection.

Why Cars Need ECU Tuning?

Cars need ECU Tuning. Most vehicles sold to the public have been tuned to limit engine performance. Sometimes engine de-tuning is done to make the vehicle comply with emissions regulations. It may also be done to protect the engine from damage when it operates in extreme climate conditions. Remapping the ECU can safely give out extra torque and power from your engine without overloading the vehicle. But before you decide to ECU tune your car, make sure that your vehicle’s engine and other vehicle components are in good working condition. Otherwise, the process will be disastrous and futile.

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