Engine Exhaust System

Engine Exhaust System For Better Automobiles

An automobile creates emissions from the fuel that is put into it to make it run. These emissions without an engine exhaust system can cause air pollution including smog. It is the exhaust system that carries the gases away from the controlled combustion inside an engine. The exhaust system is important as it is the system that not only carries toxic emissions out of the automobile but keeps them from polluting that atmosphere. There are federal and state rules and regulations that control the types of exhaust systems an automobile can use.

Engine Exhaust System And The Parts Of An Exhaust System

The exhaust system has two main functions. One function is the removal of gasses from the cylinder as it burns the fuel making it run. The other function is the control of the pressure as the fuel is burned. These two functions have to work together to make the automobile operate smoothly. The exhaust system can make the automobile run smooth obtaining more mileage. An exhaust system that does not operate correctly can cause the car to run slow taking more fuel to go shorter distances.

The parts of an exhaust system include a turbocharger, a catalytic converter, a muffler, and a cylinder head. While these are the parts of the exhaust system not every system has all of these parts. It is the catalytic converter that controls the emissions coming from the automobile. The catalytic converter also has a collection of sensors that monitors the engine and keeps it adjusted so that it operates smoothly. The muffler is what keeps it from being very noisy. Without the muffler small, loud explosions would be heard coming from the automobile.

Engine Exhaust System And High Performance Automobiles

High performance automobiles use an exhaust system that has eliminated restrictions providing more room for the gas to flow. Getting rid of the restrictions causes an automobile to gain more horse power and improves fuel economy. It is the design of the exhaust system that determines what class the automobile is placed.

It is important to do a regular check of the exhaust system to make sure that it is operating correctly. Doing this can minimize the damage to an engine.

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