Exhaust System Singapore

Exhaust System Singapore: Why DIY Repair Is Not Advisable

Repairing an exhaust system is a tough and dirty job. One needs to lie down under the greasy side of the car to do exhaust repair. But there are far more important reasons than this why car owners should entrust the job to an expert and not do it themselves.

Why Experts Should Do The Repair Job For A Defective Exhaust System Singapore

For one, repairing a car’s exhaust system requires replacement of its parts. This means identifying the parts that need to be purchased, and lacking adequate knowledge about these parts may lead to getting inappropriate or incompatible replacements for the original parts.

Getting exact replacements for the original parts is important because it will ensure that there is proper fit and alignment. It will also ensure that the noise level is reduced to an acceptable level.

Another reason why the repair job should be done by an expert is that it requires using special tools and welding equipment. These include an expander, sealant, muffer cutter, air chisel, shaper, chain pipe cutter, pipe cutter, stud removal tool and hanger removal tool.

Lastly, repairing an exhaust system involves putting the components of the system back to their original position. This is done by checking for critical clearance points and alignment.

Problems Related To Exhaust System Singapore Car Owners Should Know

So what causes exhaust system damage? According to experts, the common causes may be one or a combination of these:

  • Collision damage. Collision can cause damage to certain components of the exhaust system, such as distortion of the deck lid. It can also displace the location or direction of the system’s component.
  • Driving in such a way that allows excessive carbon dioxide inside the vehicle. An example of this is running at an idle mode for a long period of time without the blower system operating.
  • Incorrect adjustment of the carburettor idle-mixture setting. This can also result in excessive concentration of carbon dioxide in the exhaust gas.

Before any exhaust system damage can be repaired, the defective or damaged part should be properly identified first. And often it takes only a sharp technician to do this.

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