Shock Absorber

The Truth About A  Car’s Shock Absorber

What is the most important part of a car? Is it the engine? The brakes? Or the shock absorber? In reality, there is not a single part of a vehicle that’s more important than the other, all these basic components of a car are equally vital in keeping the entire machine safe and functional.

For now let us talk about one of those vital components in your car, the suspension system, or more specifically, the shocks.

What Is A Shock Absorber?

Shock absorbers are specific parts of the suspension system, whose main function is to dampen or to absorb the movement of the vehicle’s wheels over uneven terrain, so that the car ride will be as smooth as possible for both the driver and his or her passengers.

If you’ve ever wondered why you can barely feel the impact as your car is zipping along and riding over road irregularities and potholes, the answer is in the car’s suspension system, and it is mainly the result of the shocks and struts preventing the full bouncing motion from ever reaching the vehicle’s passengers.

Shock Absorber Maintenance

It may not seem like it, but maintaining your shock system is a huge factor in car safety, this is because new and correctly functioning shocks and struts allows for a highly responsive brake system and a safe range for the stopping distance.

Old and worn out shocks cannot fully dampen a car’s motion during sudden stops, and allows the front end to dip and the rear part of the vehicle to rise. This creates a situation wherein the rear tires will have difficulty getting enough traction, resulting in the driver’s decreased control over the entire vehicle, and drastically increasing the stopping distance to a dangerous level.

This is an accident hazard that could easily be avoided by regular maintenance and replacement of shocks and struts. The quality of these parts could also be a big safety factor, so choose only the best to guarantee your and your passengers’ wellbeing.

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