Shock Absorber Singapore

Shock Absorber Singapore Suppliers: Facts About Vehicle Dampers

If there are some car owners who think that a vehicle damper (or so-called shock absorber) is installed just for a comfortable ride, it’s probably because these suspension dampers usually function silently and unnoticeably especially when in excellent condition.

But if an expert will be asked like the one working for a shock absorber Singapore supplier, a vehicle damper does more than ensuring a comfortable ride. Suspension dampers also play an important role in ensuring a car’s safe performance.

Shock absorbers fulfil this function by keeping the wheels firmly on the road. By controlling spring action, shock absorbers can help maintain the stability of the vehicle.

Dangers Of Using Worn Out Shock Absorber Singapore

It only follows that every vehicle owner should become aware of the dangers of using worn-out dampers or improperly functioning shock absorbers. Worn shock absorbers can cause complete loss of control, which in worst situations can result in a road accident.

Other effects of using worn out dampers include reduced tire life, less resistance to pitch motion in the car, and steering wheel fight.

But since suspension dampers function quietly, determining whether these dampers already need to be changed can also be quite a challenge. Another thing is that deterioration in terms of efficiency occurs gradually that vehicle owners may not notice a sudden change.

Signs Of A Defective Shock Absorber Singapore

One telling sign that a shock absorber is worn out is when the vehicle gets “sloppy” on the road. This is because defective vehicle dampers allow wheels to bounce and spin in the air.

Vehicle dampers get defective because of the piston skirt. Damage in the piston increases the possibility of leakage and that means reduced damping.

For vehicle owners that do not want to replace their vehicle’s shock absorber every once in a while, they can opt for a “lifetime” shock absorber by using an adjustable shock absorber. So instead of replacing the shock absorber when there is leakage, using an adjustable shock absorber can compensate for leakage by not allowing the fluid to flow through the piston.

The life of a shock absorber usually depends on the kinds of road a driver drives on and how fast they go.

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