Car Shock Absorber

Car Shock Absorber

Why A Car Shock Absorber Saves You And Your Car From Potential Road Danger

The Car Shock Absorber, as its name already suggests, is a vehicle component that is specifically designed to limit excessive suspension movement. This ability to reduce the undesirable effects of travelling on rough roads and uneven surfaces certainly yield better ride experiences and enhanced comfort.

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Engine Exhaust System

Engine Exhaust System For Better Automobiles

An automobile creates emissions from the fuel that is put into it to make it run. These emissions without an engine exhaust system can cause air pollution including smog. It is the exhaust system that carries the gases away from the controlled combustion inside an engine. The exhaust system is important as it is the system that not only carries toxic emissions out of the automobile but keeps them from polluting that atmosphere. There are federal and state rules and regulations that control the types of exhaust systems an automobile can use. Continue reading

Car Performance Tuning

Important Factors When It Comes To Car Performance Tuning

Tuning your car to perform better is no easy tasks. First, you need to consult with someone with specialized knowledge. Second, you need to have the right kind of tools. Then you need someone who knows to obtain the right balance of performance and power for your vehicle. The engine parts that you use for tuning your vehicle must be in good quality at least. However, superior quality parts are still advised. The rest of the article will focus on enumerating on what car parts that are a priority when it comes to fine tuning you car. Continue reading

Best Car Servicing Singapore

The Best Car Servicing Singapore: How We Got There

With over three decades of car servicing experience, Fong Kim Exhaust Services is the best car servicing specialist in Singapore. For qualified service specialists and with over thirty years of experience, Fong Kim is one of the most trusted and sought after names in quality car services in Singapore. Continue reading

Auto Shock Absorber

What Every Car Owner Should Know About Auto Shock Absorber

Any modern car is never complete without dampers, or as more popularly known as auto-shock absorbers. It is estimated that there are more than 100 million shock absorbers that are created and then distributed worldwide. Europe and the United Sates are known to be the major consumer of the said car part. Continue reading

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment And What You Need To Know

A lot of people who drive cars simply do not realise the importance of proper alignment of wheels. A lot of people would assume that the only thing to be worried about your wheels would be the occasional punctures. Such an idea is not only naive, but also dangerous. Getting your wheel aligned is very important. In fact, it is advisable to get them aligned whenever you get your car serviced. Continue reading

Car Modification Singapore

Common Car Modification Singapore

Owning a car is one of the more common things for most people. When owning a car, you may want to make some modifications such as changing colours, adding new parts and also putting in new devices. With car modification, you will have the opportunity to improve and enhance the makeup of your car. Continue reading

Suspension System

What You Need To Know When It Comes to Suspension System

Not a lot of people realise that different motor vehicles such as SUVs, vans, trucks and cars, need different kinds of suspension systems. As an example, off-road vehicles must have suspension systems that are up to the job of navigating to rocky and uneven terrain. Continue reading

Suspension System For Cars

What You Need To Know About Suspension Systems For Cars Before You Install One

When you open the hood of your vehicle, chances are you will notice all the greasy parts and the interconnected tubes and wires. These are the essential parts of your car so that it runs as it is intended to be. However, not all bases of performance are all located under the hood or how many cylinders does the machine have. Continue reading

Engine Exhaust System

Engine Exhaust System Confidence is a Must

Your Engine Exhaust System is nothing to play around with. LTA inspections can stop you dead in your tracks from taking your vehicle out on the road. That great deal on a second hand car may not seem so good, after discovering a hole in the muffler. There is no reason to second guess the shape of your exhaust system with a specialist in repair, right around the corner. Continue reading