BC (BR) Coilovers available for Volkswagen

(Fully adjustable in terms of height and damping (30-Levels) & comes with a one year warranty)

Our BR Type model is the perfect choice for street driving and the occasional road course or autocross duty. With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine-tuning your compression and rebound plus a separately adjustable ride height, having a performance coilover system could not be any easier. You choose how low or high you want your vehicle to sit (no preset ride height here) and our patented concave lower locking ring keeps it locked securely in place. All of our systems come with pillowball mounts to provide the most feedback possible from your suspension and to sharpen your steering response. Our available front and rear camber plates also allow you to get the perfect alignment setup without compromise. BC Racing offers all of these features while providing a strong, attractive-looking coilover system at a reasonable price.

  • 30 levels of damping adjustment
  • Custom spring rates available
  • Completely rebuildable and individual parts are available separately for purchase
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


*Price quoted before GST

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