Chemical wash & cleaning service for DPF filter which was badly choked with excessive carbon build-up and water was not able to flow through smoothly initially and only after many rounds of high pressure cleaning did we finally manage to clear most of the carbon deposits from the DPF filter.
  • 100% dredge area reached
  • Using warm water with cleaning agent, high-pressure air purging and wave surge technology for a three-in-one process to ensure close to 100% cleaning effect
  • To restore car performance and catalytic efficiency for petrol catalytic converters or diesel DPFs
  • To improve a vehicle’s emission output and a viable solution for cars that fail their emission test during the annual inspection
  • To resolve P0420 error code that usually arises due to bad or choked catalytic converter resulting in poorer emissions and fuel efficiency, loss of power and reduced throttle response
  • Verified results with an effective and innovative visible cleaning process for complete cleaning with safe liquid
  • For a cleaner and greener environment for all petrol and diesel vehicles before the influx of EVs in the foreseeable future.

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