Direct Sludge Remover

  • The sludge remover removes the engine sludge along with the old oil after adding to the old engine oil and idle the engine before oil change.
  • Removing the sludge with DSR minimizes the amount of waste oil and the length of operation time.
  • Since the base oil is the engine oil, even if the remover liquid is remained, it is not necessary to worry of trouble.

■Product Specifications

Product: Engine Internal Cleaner
Volume: 400ml
Components: Engine internal cleaner mineral oil, Glycol solvent, Detergent dispersant
Remarks: Class 4, 3 Petroleum, Danger Class III, MADE IN JAPAN

■Package Information

Carton Size: H206×W292×D221 (12cans/case)
Weight of 1 Bottle

◆How to Use

  1. When the engine oil is changed, with engine off, add the entire bottle to existing oil in the tank while the oil temperature is still high. (One bottle works for 3L-6L of the engine oil.)
  2. Start and idle the engine for 15-20 minutes for cleaning.
  3. Stop the engine, drain dirty oil, and replace the oil filter with new one.
  4. Refill with the designated amount of new oil.

※This product is not available for 2-stroke engine and rotary engine.

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