Gear Oil G Series

A range of 5 different types varying from #90 to #250 are available for various applications. You can always find the best grade for your car. Using 100% synthetic non polymer oil for the most efficient lubrication from economy to high power applications which require strong load capacity and low friction.

Application of G series Gear Oil
Type of can
1L x 6 / 20L
Standard: GL-5 GEAR OIL TYPE TM TM TM TM / High power DIFF DIFF
LSD None Present None Present
Ex SS Gear G-900 (75W 90)
Ex FF Gear G-1000 (75W 100)
Ex GT-R Gear G-1200 (75W 120)
Ex SS Diff. G-1400 (75W 140)
Ex Drag Gear G-2500 (85W 250)

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