For European Cars (API SN/ACEA A3B4)

HKS’s #1 best-selling engine oil “SUPER OIL Premium” are not just for maintenance, it is a tuning part to improve the engine performance. It delivers stable performance and has high film retention ability even at high-rpm and high-temperature range. Highly versatile from high-performance driving to daily use.

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High Quality ACEA C3 Engine Oil for European Cars

  • ACEA C3 & API SN CF4 standard
  • Excellent oil film strength at high rpm and high-temperature
  • Specification is equivalent to vehicle manufacturer approval standard *1
  • Better performance comparing to genuine approval oil (Third-Party Lab tested)

*1 [MB approval 229.51] [BMW LL04] [VW 504/507] [PORSCHE C30]

ACEA – European Standard, Ideal for European Vehicles

  • The European car’s engine performance can be maximized by the optimized velocity exclusively selected for each purpose of use.
  • High performance and oil film maintenance in the range at high speed and temperature require severe viscosity characteristics.
  • High driving performance and durability for street to sports driving.
  • API SN Standard
  • ACEA A3B4 is obtained.
  • 4L 1case=4cans、1L 1case=10cans

※ Not available with vehicles equipped with the DPF.

*Price quoted before GST

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