NGK IRIWAY spark plugs, like the NGK Iridium IX, have an Iridium center electrode of 0.6mm diameter offering performances exceeding traditional spark plugs. The ground electrode of Iridium NGK Iriway is tapered cut to provide a better flame spread generated by combustion, raising compressions and ensuring a cleaner burning.
These spark plugs for which alloy has been revised to provide a better resistance, were mainly made by NGK in response to requests directly from the competition (Rally, Circuit, Street Race…).


NGK IRIWAY Features:

  • Increased performances.
  • New exterior alloy for a better resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosion related to it.
  • Top Module made of brass with low impedance (resistance).
  • Stainless Steel sealing ring (Better resistance & sealing on configurations running at very high pressure).
  • Better resistance to extreme temperatures and better heat dissipation.
  • Lifetime from 60 to 80 000 km depending on use.
  • Linear accelerations thanks to a more stable ignition even at very high rpm.
  • Ignition performances and durability, regardless of the type of use.
  • Ignitability optimized, increased HP / Reduction of unburned fuel.
  • A reliable & easy start at any time.
  • Improved stability of the idle / Less engine vibrations.


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