Advantages of the RaceChip RX

Experience ultimate driving pleasure with the RaceChip RX and unlock additional range for your electric vehicle! Our innovative product offers you a new dimension of driving pleasure and increases the range, making it easier to handle your electric vehicle in everyday life.

How Does The Range Extender Work?

The RaceChip RX is attached between the accelerator pedal sensor and the engine control unit. Simple plug & play installation means that it can be fitted without any prior technical knowledge. The signals emitted by the accelerator pedal sensor are adjusted via specially tuned characteristic curves. This results in a more linear torque demand on the electric motor and increased energy recovery when the accelerator pedal is released. As a result, less energy is lost and energy recovery is improved during braking; the same battery capacity will cover a longer distance.

Installation In Just A Few Steps

  1. Disconnect the plug from the original plug adapter on the accelerator pedal.
  2. Connect the Brainbox to this original plug adapter.
  3. Mount the Brainbox on a smooth surface in the footwell.
  4. Set up the RaceChip+ app to control the RX.
  5. Done! Now you can drive and save. Have fun!

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