FTP BMW G20 Charge Pipe

Product Description: The FTP Charge Pipe is designed specifically for BMW G30 models with the B58 3.0T engine, compatible with the first-generation B58 engines. Our charge pipe kit replaces the weak and inefficient factory plastic charge pipe, which can become brittle and fail under increased boost pressure.


  • Increased Flow
  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • Caliber increase
  • 3-Ply Silicon Couplers
  • bung for water injection
  • never blow up again
  • Oring , seal , C-clip all inside

B58 charge pipe  :  #sg71391
For maximum effect, The FTP Charge Pipe bothincreases flow and improves the reliability of your B58 engine BMW. The aluminum pipe replaces the brittlefactory plastic pipe which can fail under increased boost pressure. The increased piping size helps to reduceturbulence and maximize flow into the engine.

B58 intake pipe :  #sg71436

Our intake pipe is replacement for the original plastic air intake pipe, the FTP intake Pipe replaces the factory hose between the air filter and turbo and that will note expand under boost. The system eliminates the OEM sound chamber which results in increased turbo response as well as mid-range and top-end power.

Discover the power for BMW

Find a charge pipe suitable for your BMW, enhancing durability, increasing safety, and improving performance.

Say goodbye to plastic or rubber materials!

These materials tend to harden under the high temperatures of the engine compartment, eventually cracking or breaking. FTP has designed these components using aluminum alloy to prevent cracking and damage. Our mission is to enhance durability and safety, thereby improving throttle response and adding extra horsepower.

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FTP pipe products

Everything you need is included: seals, O-rings, and clips. Our professional setup ensures a worry-free installation. The no-damage installation process fits perfectly with the original factory positions.

Our Pipe Features:

  • Manufactured from aluminised steel for durability.
  • Manufactured with precision benders for easy installation.
  • Designed to perform and fit like original equipment.
  • Features OEM routings for hassle-free installation.
  • Enlarged pipe size for increased flow.

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